Expect the unexpected.

The Essence of Nell Harper

Nell Harper was founded by me, Jess, then quickly joined by Alia, who added the attention to detail and materiality that our products have become known for….Alia's attention to detail and perfectionism comes from a background in architecture and interior design-where she developed an understanding of the 'narrative' that exists between the materials

Our work is about finding the beauty in simplicity, quality of materials and traditional crafting skills, along with clean lines that form classic shapes with a strong emphasis on function.
We believe strongly in the art of making something that requires a connection between the maker and the materials used, valuing our traditions and simplicity, which is why hand sewing features in each piece of work we produce. Our perfectionism can drive ourselves and those around us 'crazy', but we also know it's essential in order to produce the quality that we insist upon for ourselves and our customers.


Nell Harper bags are made using quality vegetable tanned leather, which has quality and will age beautifully. It’s thick, soft, supple, but also has structure and comes from the Tuscany area of Italy. It gains its suppleness from the ‘milling’ process each hide goes through. Vegetable tanned leather will vary in color and have marks-the marks show the life of the cow, again adding a uniqueness to each handmade item. Over time the leather will tell the story of your journey with it, absorbing the environment-developing a beautiful patina.

The thread is a hand waxed thread that is very tough and durable. It is 1mm thick, rot resistant and UV protected so it will not fade in sunlight.

The hardware we use is solid brass for all our products, which will darken over time but will not rust, unlike coated steel.

We hand stitch all of our bags, using a traditional 'saddle stitch', which makes the stitch tough and long-lasting as each stitch has an individual knot, meaning that