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Renz is a San Diego-based shop, run by a team of dedicated designers and seamstresses.

After working as a full-time seamstress for a well-known brand, Miya decided to open an Buysell shop part-time in 2011 to make some extra money. Her great skill in making clothes and her talented designs were soon so popular that she finally decided to resign from her full-time job and work full-time as an Buysell seller. More of her fellow seamstresses soon joined her team last year. Renz is now a team shop that is run by a group of experienced seamstresses and designers. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars in a shopping mall for a piece made by us, but now you can get it for much less, and it is still made by us with the same quality. Our goal is to provide girls with top quality but affordable custom pieces.

This year, we formally registered our brand: Renz (previously called FM908 when Miya first started the shop).

Renz is a registered brand. Photographs of all of our pieces are taken in our own studio. Renz is trademark-protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against any shop who borrows, uses, or otherwise republishes, reprints, or infringes on our website content without express, written permission.
  • Welcome

    Thanks for visiting!

    RenzRags is a boutique fashion label run by Miya Green and Tracy Arends.

    We use fabric of the high quality only and each piece is hand crafted in San Diego, California.

  • Payment

    We can accept credit and debit cards, Buysell gift cards and other international payment methods where available.

    Make sure you took the extra payment step at the end of checkout. It is an easy thing to miss. You should receive a separate confirmation for a PayPal payment.

  • Shipping

    Turn-Around Time

    Turn around time for bridesmaid dress

    4-6 weeks


    Turn around time for coats

    it takes about 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks(it could be shipped in 2-3 days if we have it in stock, and if not, it could take about 2-3 weeks) for us to ship in busy season. Please allow for 3-5 days delivery domestically and 1-2 weeks internationally.
    2-3 days for in stock items



    Shipping within the US is done via USPS PRIORITY Mail ( default for U.S. buyers 2-5 days to arive )

    Canadian buyers are shipped via First Calss mail ( default for Canadian buyers, 5-10 days to arrive)

    Fedex express ( default for French and Italian Buyers 3-7 days to arrive)

    Other International orders are shipped via FIRST CLASS MAIL. ( default for non-U.S, non-Canadian, non-french, non-italian international buyers, 2-3 weeks to arrive)

    INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: please note that I do not have the option to track packages if shipped with standard FIRST CLASS mail. Please convo me prior to completing you purchase if you need an express shipping. For French and Italian buyers, Fedex is already a default shipping, do not have to pay extra.

    NOTE: Please be informed that we are not responsible for LOST/THEFT items once shipped. For international orders, We are not responsible for ANY customs fees/duties/taxes once shipped.

    Again, please convo me ahead of time if you are unclear about any of this.

  • Refund and Exchange

    【 Bridesmaid Dress】

    Due to custom style. color, fabric and measurements, the dresses are non-returnable. Please note that even if you order for a standard size, we will still make the dress based on the chosen color and fabric so this is custom made as well. All dresses are hand made once order is received, therefore, everything is considered CUSTOM MADE. Unless of course we make some huge error like wrong style, wrong color – something off the rails like that.

    It is very important for us that our buyers are happy and satisfied with their purchase. For quality problems, please contact us within 7 days upon receiving the dress or before the wedding whichever comes first. Anything after that will no longer be entertained. It is important to send us photos of the dress (better if the bridesmaid is wearing it) as well as photos of the measurements of the dress to confirm and we will find the best solution.

    Please note that we won’t be able to offer after sales service if dress has been altered without prior notification.

    For non-quality problems,as noted, custom made dresses are not returnable. Dress was made in your measurement and in the color you chose out of 200 colors. It's going to be very hard for us to resell it since it's made based on your special measurement. We are very sorry, but we'll try our best to help you find a best solution.

    Please understand that we are not responsible for inaccurate measurements. Custom orders will be produced according to the measurements sent, but alterations may be required locally once your garment is received.

    *Also note that actual fabric colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions. Highly suggest that you get the swatch book from me before you place the dress order. I’m not able to be responsible for any color difference if you don’t get my swatches .


    If somehow you don't like the coat, please send it back to us within one week for a refund or an exchange.

    Item must return in its original condition to Elbling unworn and unwashed.

    To process the return/exchange, please kindly attach your Etsy ID or order ID in the package ,otherwise, a delay might happen in processing the exchanging or refunding.

    We'll pay for the shipping if it's a quality problem. For non-quality return, the shipping fee wouldn't be refundable.

    Please understand that custom and made to measure items are not refundable.

    Please understand that we spent most of our time making the clothes, we only pick one day each week to process the exchanges and refunding, so for refunding, it would take as long as a week for us to finally issue the refunding back to your account. but it's definately can be processed within a week after we got the returns. Thanks.

  • Additional policies and FAQs

    【 Bridesmaid Dress---FAQ】

    █ Can this dress be made in a different color,length, can we add sleeves, etc?

    Yes, please send us a picture of the look you want. We are very flexible.


    You can add an optional message (size, color or other customization) to me in the "Note to EtsyStore" section.

    (If you forget to leave a note when checking out, don't worry, just leave me the information via conversation!)

    For plus size dresses, we charge an extra $10 fee. We can create a custom listing for the extra fee once order is placed.

    █ Can this dress be made in a different color?

    Yes, we have over 200 colors.

    █ How long will it take to make my dress(es)-?

    After the order is placed it will take about 4--6 weeks. ... plus shipping time. We hand-make all the dresses, so it takes time!

    We cannot take rush orders.

    █ Are your dresses able to be tailored/altered once I receive it?

    Yes, I make the dresses with extra fabric inside so they can be easily let out. We have created a PDF file for this, with exact instructions. Feel free to request for that if needed.

    █ Is this dress look better in a certain type of chiffon, can you let me how can I decide among Silk chiffon, velvet chiffon ,100D chiffon and crinkle chiffon?

    We have different types of chiffon is more because that different girls like different types of chiffon, not because some dresses look better in a certain type of chiffon. So the dresses you chose can be in any types of the chiffon we offer.

    █ How do i decide a lace up back or zip ?

    Zip or lace-up (recommend lace up for a better fit)

    It took much longer for me to do a "Lace up," but I highly recommend that you to do lace up because of the high probability that you or your bridesmaids may have difficulty providing very precise body measurements if not able to be measured by a professional tailor. And even if measured by a tailor, different tailors may have different methods and understandings about the same measurements. If that happens, then it might result in a dress that may not fit well. However, if we use lace up, then such problems can be avoided. The dress will still fit well because the lace-up back makes the bust, waist, and hips adjustable.

    Zip back

    We are very confident in how we make a well-fitted dress. When the dress is done, we measure it to ensure the fit is good. However, we can only do this if we are given the correct measurements. Therefore, I recommend doing lace-ups if you are not absolutely sure that your or your bridesmaids’ body measurements are accurate.


    This dress will be made to your specific measurements, but if you choose zip closure, without 2 or 3 "fittings" at a Bridal Shop (and at least twice the cost!) a small margin of error is to be expected.

    Although 90% of my dresses fit just right, please be prepared for possible adjustments later if you choose zip closure .

    This is why I price my dresses so low- it gives you some cost leeway if you need alterations.

    Are quite simple to do at home, for anyone who knows how to sew. I have even prepared an Instruction, in Color, for doing this.

    You may request it at any time and I'll send you the PDF to print out. Most fixes can be done in an hour or so, with a sewing machine. (Please note that I also leave an extra inch of fabric in the seam for Letting Out.)